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AKA drunken Socrates
A person whom after becoming intoxicated engages in very deep philosophical conversations. Philosophical drunks are generaly powerless alone yet if more than one are present, these conversations can last hours if not days giving non-philosophical drunks early hang-overs.
Fred is a nice guy, but when he gets drinking he turns into a philosophical drunk and wont shut up.
by Trasaris May 17, 2006
Box of miscellaneous items belonging to your ex boyfriend/girlfriend left at your house after a breakup. This box of stuff may be returned, or may be held hostage until they return your breakup box.
I'm not giving that bitch her breakup box till I get my comic books back!
by Trasaris August 01, 2005
A female who is extremely good looking but, has so much baggage or is so emotional no one wants a relationship with her due to that fact.
Steve: "Man that girl is fine!"
Joe: "She is a pinata. Everyone wants to hit her, but no one wants to clean up the mess"
by Trasaris July 26, 2006

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