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4 definitions by Tragic

Someone who is not arrogant enough to
think they KNOW whether God exists or not.
Agnostics believe you can neither prove, nor disprove the existence of god.
by Tragic August 11, 2003
2645 1183
An individual who attempts to see the bigger picture. One who questions authority, and who believes in actual freedom, not dictated freedom, as is handed down by republican politicians.
Any free-thinking individual who doesn't rely on archaic texts like the bible to dictate how they live.
by Tragic April 07, 2003
737 562
something ignorant people say to compliment another on their outstanding usage of SAT-esque words, while simultaneously degrading themselves for their lack of a modest vocabulary.
You're essay had a lot of big words on it, didn't get to read all of it, but i gave you an A anyways.
by tragic March 09, 2004
105 77
To aggressively persue an object of interest.
"Man, look at that bitch over there... I'mma go Rush That Shit Down!"
by tragic April 28, 2003
39 16