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3 definitions by Trafford

Adj. When a woman's tits, or norks, are just too big and a bit disturbingly so, as in nauseous, feeling sick.
I felt a bit norkseous after seeing what I'd been groping in the dark - her tits were frighteningly large!
by Trafford September 25, 2008
An unsavoury substance, usually a semi-viscous liquid that either feels bad, smells bad or is particularly nasty in some form.
"Oh my god! I've got splick all over my shoes! I think I've trod in dogshit"
by Trafford October 23, 2004
A French/African football team based in a slum area of north London.

Their players run frequently run screaming abuse at officials when a decision goes against them. Extremely bad losers.

Most of the team have been disciplined for violent conduct and abuse.
L'arsenal are an absolute disgrace.
by Trafford March 23, 2004