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7 definitions by Trae

Clean-burning paper that comes in packs of numerous sizes. Used to wrap tobacco, weed, or any other plant the user wishes to cleanly and easily smoke.
E-Z Wider and Rizzla are my rolling papers of choice.
by Trae January 25, 2006
Company that makes and sells some of the best longboard skateboards around. Composed of fiberglas and designed for speed, the boards are durable, fast, and highly manuverable.
me and my crew were shredding and kyle ate it big time...well, his flexdex is in a better place now.
by Trae July 09, 2006
A half of weed. slice is a term for an eighth and lingo has shortened "double slice" to "dub slice", most likely for purposes to conceal it's meaning in public drug speak
Yo brah, you wanna hit me with a dub slice of that Super Skunk by the 5th? No worries, I'll throw some bills atcha.
by Trae April 11, 2006
(n): A tamed down version of the term "fuck nut". Really just gibberish, it is often used as a joking insult/pet name.
There's my girl, she's my lil frig nut.
by Trae August 06, 2005
The act of inhaling the smoke of a joint or blunt of marijuana through one's nose into one's lungs. The large amount of synapses in the nostrils give the user an immediate light headed or high feeling.
Some would argue this is a better method than inhaling the smoke through the mouth, which doesn't give such immediate/possibly more intense results.
bro 1: gimme a headbanger brah, i wanna get fucked up!!!

bro 2: aight. *shottys the blunt/joint into bro 1's nose*

bro 1: ...duuuddeee the colors! the colors!!!
by Trae March 23, 2007
Follower of the belief system of humanism, the religion of the politically correct world. It is understood that no one can tell another human that they are wrong for what they think and feel.
Humanist: Good God why can't you people see that the most rational and politically correct way of thinking is that of a humanist!
me: According to your belief system a human can't be wrong for what he or she feels. So were the nazis wrong for their malicious feelings towards the jews, or were the jews wrong for feeling victemized?
Humanist: I...don't...know.......
by Trae July 10, 2006
The newest generation of Iraqi children have an unprecedented opportunity never before presented to the country's youth. Ignorant small-minded Democrats and ultraliberals were completely against dethroning Saddam Hussein from his reign of terror over Iraq. Sadly, some still struggle to see the difference that the Republican party has made to the world, most specifically in giving Iraq the ability to grow into a functioning society of Democracy and liberty.
Now if we could stop Iraqi children from becoming Islamist radicals...
by Trae April 11, 2006