41 definitions by Tracy

when something happens to you
you just been niggaed biotch!
by tracy January 17, 2005
One who smells of rotting moosey cabbageness.
My god Kevin smells like rotten moose cabbage.
by Tracy March 27, 2003
Luvin off some1 is wen u luv em so much, u love everyting bout dem, but only lyk people my age say it coz dey fink dey no wot luv is, so u say u love some1 off
Example 1:
OMG I luv off tim!!

Example 2:
Tracy luv's dat boy off u no
by Tracy August 18, 2004
Noun. The man's genitals.
That guy says he has a big bird.

We know he doesnt have much of a bird.
by Tracy July 10, 2003
Ova heavy MC outta d roll deep crew, keep rolling deeper. get me.
'I'm gettin stronger bro, ur gettin weaker bro I come 4rom da gutta lay low'
by Tracy August 18, 2004
Neeky is basically the same as neek but u would use it in past tense
Example 1
Tim:Jon was been neeky 2day
Tracy: Is it

Example 2
Tracy: Y b neeky 4 alice.
by Tracy August 17, 2004

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