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41 definitions by Tracy

Some1 who is ova ugly
errgg man....dat bredda is OVA buttars u no
by Tracy August 17, 2004
Ova heavy is when something is past the level of being heavy so it's ova heavy sorta ting.
You can use ova for neting so lyk some1 could b ova stupid.
OMG Your yard is ova heavy u no!!!!
by Tracy August 17, 2004
When youngins' google over eachother.
The kiddies are in a state of puppy love.
by Tracy June 23, 2003
super omega laugh out loud
|>|< says:
note to self: typing in the band name, Orgy, on kazaa does me NO good.
hey hey i want a chinese takeaway says:
by tracy July 24, 2003
Ova heavy MC outta d roll deep crew, keep rolling deeper. get me.
'I'm gettin stronger bro, ur gettin weaker bro I come 4rom da gutta lay low'
by Tracy August 18, 2004
To tape something.
I tapeted the badger to the Kelvin.
by Tracy April 05, 2003
to be the subject of insult; to be made fun of
"you totally just capped on me but it was funny as all hell"
by tracy December 08, 2004