41 definitions by Tracy

Shake that ass
Miss Merium Twirked that Ass In teh Club
by Tracy January 11, 2004
Trouble, hassle or when a scuffle!
I need a little bit of help getting him in and out of the pool! ...should be relatively kerfuffle free.
by Tracy March 23, 2004
Redneck way of saying "Did you eat yet?"
Billy Bob!!! Supper is out here... jeetyet or do ya want me to save some for ya?
by Tracy June 23, 2003
Someone who is wierd or kooky, but in a totally lovable way. :)
Tori Amos is such a chexter.
by Tracy December 16, 2004
A sexy carpenter and host of extreme makeover: home edition, aka: a great guy.
move that bus !!
by Tracy January 31, 2005
1. n) a machine that is deizel
2. v) I want to.
3. n) your friend and your confidant...
The deizel machine will engulf you in his chest, then you will cease to exist.

Man, that deizel machine is deizel and machine like, not to mention hot.
by Tracy October 05, 2004
Ova heavy rapper who's doin well 4 himself
'Imma hustler baby, I jus want u 2 no, it aint where i bin, its where imma bout 2 go'
by Tracy August 18, 2004

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