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Common misconceptions point to crazy theories about weed but the truth is it is actuly a number between 419 and 421.
Guy 1: I counted to 420 today!
Guy 2: Sooo you want to get stoned?
Guy 1: What? What the fuck does that have to do with anything?
by Toxic Ninja October 27, 2006
Spanish word pronounced "k" meaning "what." This works very well when a rich american that speaks no spanish hires a mexican that speaks no english and as the american barks out orders the mexican replies with "que?" which the american things means "ok."
Rich white woman: Pick up Bart from school and then take the dry cleaning down to the place then you can take my mink coat to the cold storage.
Lopez: Que?
Rich white woman: Good, thank you Carl *leaves*
Lopez: ...que?
by Toxic Ninja March 10, 2007
The flaming bag of dog poop is one of the most masterful strategies ever laid out in prank warfare. The prank works as follows: poop (or shit, whatever) in a basic brown bag (the kind you may have eaten lunch out of as a kid), then put the bag on the porch of your arch nemesis, finally light the top of the bag on fire, ring the doorbell (or knock) and RUN BITCH RUN! to a pre-set hiding/viewing location. If all went as planned the victim will see the flaming bag and be all like "ahh fire!" followed by a quick stomping of the bag. With all factors included the person is about to have some very shitty shoes(booya!). Otherwise known as: The flaming bag of dog shit, the flaming shit bag, the bag o' molten shit.
Mary: Nice shoes John, they new?
John: They were 'till some kid pulled the ol' flaming bag of dog poop.
by Toxic Ninja February 05, 2007
A word used by the U.S. military during the cold war while speaking of the Vietnam soldiers. In return the Vietnam soldiers called the American troops G.I.
American Soldier: Charlies 6 o'clock!
Vietnam Soldier: Loudmouth G.I's 12 o'clock!
by Toxic Ninja January 10, 2007
Leet speak for computer. Most comonly used because of the large number of "0's" which can be replaced with "0's." It can be stacked with other leet speak to make you look like a moron. Also can be used to replace the word boxer (underwear and combat).
i g0ts a shiney r0x0r b0x0r - I have a fine new computer.
my b0x0r is broked - My Computer is malfunctioning.
I am a boxor - I am a boxer
by Toxic Ninja September 16, 2006
kcurT eriF is writen on the front of modern english fire trucks so when you look at it in a rear view mirror its flipped and becomes Fire Truck.
"This asshole in his big red truck started flashing his lights and honking his horn for me to move, man that bitch had an ego, he even had his name writen on the front of his truck, what kind of name is Kcurt Erif anyways? I couldnt understand if it was something cool like Hernandeys or Maddox..." -Maddox, The alphabet of manliness. Paraphrased
by Toxic Ninja July 27, 2006
Black snow is the unofficial term for the soot that inevitable falls after a nuclear strike. Because a nuclear strike vaporises everything in a short radius it is burned to ash and sent into the sky with the force of the blast. Due to most of the mater in the ash being completely destroyed it has a very low density and is carried by any wind for a decent range of a few dozen kilometers/miles. The ash then falls to the ground like a light snow(except black/dark gray). Because of the radioactivity of the bomb the black snow is highly radioactive and lethal, if you see it run to your nearest fallout shelter or basement.
Jim: Hey look snow!
Bob: Black snow.
Jim: What does that mean?
Bob: Well that means someone nearby just got nuked.
Jim: Want to build a snow man?
Bob: No, I'm going to hide in the basement.
by Toxic Ninja December 20, 2007

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