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2 definitions by Tower1

Derived from the name of Italian model Fabio and the word owned, Fabiowned is the action of being accidentally hit in the face or head (owned) by a flying bird while walking or sitting on a ride at a theme park.
Just as we were pulling into the unloading station on the Matter Horn, a fucking bastard of a crow came in at the speed of light and owns my fucking face. My twin brother couldn't help yelling out, "You just got Fabiowned fucker". I realized I got blood all over my new Turtle neck, fanny pack and croc's. Fuck my life.
by Tower1 April 03, 2011
The act of bowel elimination during a woman's Rag, Period. Dropping a foot long log while aunt flo is visiting.
Yesterday my sister took the meanest Rag Dump. I knew it was a Rag dump because it smelled, like a slaughter house and the restrooms at Bobs Big Boy.
by Tower1 October 12, 2010