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A vagina resembling a blown-out, retreaded tire. Pressures succumbed to by shitting out children have left the former tight-lipped treasure trove in a state of disrepair.
The monkey at the Zoo holding the catchers mitt with a roast beef sandwich in it sure reminds me of Andrea's Clowns Pocket.
by Toosh April 09, 2008
Female version of a male douchebag. Works overtime on her look, makeup, hair, wardrobe, demeanor and virtually every characteristic which would entice males in public. She does this with no intention of hooking up, but rather to feed her insatiable appetite to build self-esteem.
The fouchebag walked through the club directly to the bar. Upon arriving she turned and quickly scanned the room to determine if her appearence generated any hysteria which would eventually land her free drinks.
by Toosh July 02, 2007
Woman of such strikingly low caliber collaborating with hotties leading her to believe she transcended her social and physical postion within society. In most cases the girls are friends, yet she feeds off the power of the pack in order to justify her bitchy, loathing attitude toward potential suitors.
We figured the girls we'd been talking to wanted to go home with us when the garbage boat showed up, requested free drinks and informed her friends we were poor choices on the night.
by Toosh July 02, 2007
1)Dilapidated, engorged membranous tissue forming the external covering or integument of a vagina.

2)Reflects a pliable pelt-like substance adhering to a womans loins.
1)Rumor had spread that Maria's horse jockey's boot was the largest external appendage in the Benton County Area on a female whore.

2) In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the horse jockey's boot sleeps tonight...
by Toosh March 21, 2008
Acronym for "I Am A Pain In The Butt"
I know I annoy you on a regular basis. IAAPITB.
by Toosh July 05, 2007

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