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Female version of a male douchebag. Works overtime on her look, makeup, hair, wardrobe, demeanor and virtually every characteristic which would entice males in public. She does this with no intention of hooking up, but rather to feed her insatiable appetite to build self-esteem.
The fouchebag walked through the club directly to the bar. Upon arriving she turned and quickly scanned the room to determine if her appearence generated any hysteria which would eventually land her free drinks.
#douchebag #wench #condor #photo-op #using you
by Toosh July 02, 2007
an individual that acts like a douche bag, but only when it is Friday during fourth (last) block
Will was such a fouche bag when he stopped the entire Lit class to attempt jumping over a desk.
#douche #douche bag #doucher #dick #ass
by Baby Faced Assasin April 12, 2010
Midwest derivation of the term Douchebag. Someone who sucks in all aspects of life.
-The Fouchebag twins can't buy a bucket.

-Hey look at that Fouchebag, he needs a shower!
-I can't stand those Foucebags.
#douche #fouche #dirty #ugly #ridiculous
by BigGulpEh? May 01, 2009
Fucking Douche Bag.

Kinda goes along the lines of Fugly.
That fouche bag fucking cut me off!
#dick #douche #asshole #fucking #cock
by amazinglyawesome1252 November 13, 2009
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