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As my favorite insult, it means shut up and go give sum one head you ho
Guy:you bitch!
Gurl:Go lick a dick!
by TooF PiC August 01, 2004
Someone who is sexy and delicious @ tha same time
GotDamn Ed is sexolicious!
by Toof Pic June 27, 2004
When you fuck sumone up tha ass and u get shit on your dick
ayo,dat bitch iz nasty, i got shidick from her.
by Toof Pic July 08, 2004
a white person that acts black. But you can actually earn tha title of wigger as an affectionate term.
Jazmine: Ayo sumtimes i can't even belive you white! Youse ma Wigga!

Mo: Fa True.
by TooF PiC September 02, 2004
To become pear shaped,or gain hips and an ass
damn, she useta be shaped like an iornin board now she done gone pear shaped.
by Toof Pic June 25, 2004
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