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old git,wrinkly,decrepid pensioner
you f*cking old Gimmer,stop dodging coffins!!!
by mysterious chicken June 15, 2003
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1. (literal) a ewe that is too old to bear young

2. (adopted) a person lacking in vital social skills.
1. damn tha sheep's a gimmer betta put a cap in her ass

2. U gimmer! What make u presume i want to discuss your acne over lunch. fuck off
by anon December 17, 2002
annoying old people that are very slow/poor drivers that hold you up in traffic.
get off the road you stupid gimmer
by FPR December 22, 2006
(adopted) an extremely stupid person
you are such a gimmer
by Anonymous January 29, 2003
Person 1:You're a gimmer

Person2:What's a gimmer?

Person1: A gimmer is You!
by Phil1993 November 12, 2010
Idiot in a non-fashionable way
He's a right Gimmer, him
by Helmel April 05, 2005
Generic racial slur. Appropriate for anyone you dislike; creed, color and race are non specific.
That gimmer stole my spot in line. Damn it's just like a gimmer to do something like that. Damn Gimmers!
by frodolights January 16, 2007

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