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Adjective - meaning Fuck You for most samoan, poynesian and hawaiian people.
We were walking down the street and Jordan asked me for 2 dollars, I said "Jordan, UFA"
by Tone-Loc June 04, 2007
A combination of G and Yeah. Widely used by Gangster Rapper MC 8 of CMW(Comptons Most Wanted) since 1988... Gyeah!!!! - See definition for YEAH as well.
** Opening Lyrics to MC 8's song "Automatic" from the album "Section 8"


Hoo-bangin in the house c'mon
Eihthype in the house c'mon
And i'm representin
Real compton city g's on this one
My nigga Kay Neeze in the house
We gon set it off like this
by Tone-Loc May 31, 2007

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