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More than delightful; More than brilliant; A made-up adjective used when no word can describe the perfection of something.
You are a blinding, brilliant light from Heaven. I am born anew in your genius. I was never the same again, nor indeed was the world, nor history, nor anything that the human eye has ever captured. If you've never seen "A Troll in Central Park" you must. It is like looking into the face of God & seeing him smiling back saying, "You are my most wonderous creation." That show was delightful, no no, it was brilliant, no no, there is no word that can describe it's perfection, so I'm going to make one up, in fact I'm going to do so right now: scrumtulescent.

-Will Ferrell as James Lipton on "Saturday Night Live"
by Tonberry2k January 19, 2006
The dirtiest, nastiest, most disgusting insult someone can be called. While "cunt" is offensive, a whorecunt is much more offensive, as it adds assumed STDs and other festering diseases associated with the private parts of night walkers. May be abbreviated as "W.C."
My sister told my parents about my beer stash. Why does she have to be such a whorecunt?
by Tonberry2k December 06, 2006

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