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synonym for "i am a complete tosser. please delete me from your friends."
n00b - wanna do w4w?
Tom - ok
~deletes n00b~
#w4w #pc4pc #myspace #n00b #retard
by Tommmmmmmmmm May 28, 2007
a "cool" way of spelling the word "you" on msn/myspace. i dont know why the people who use it do so, but nevertheless it makes them look like total cunts.
Tom - hi :)
n00b - hey
Tom - you ok?
n00b - yeah thanks
n00b - yooh?
Tom - what a complete tosser.

~conversation ends~
#you #yoo #yew #yooh #tosser #idiot #retard
by Tommmmmmmmmm May 28, 2007
what you get if you type lol on a laptop with num lock turned on.

similar to kik and ;p; (which are what you get when you type lol to the left or the right respectively.
Geoff: omg my cat died today :'(
Dave: 363
#363 #lol #kik #;p; #0ega363z
by Tommmmmmmmmm September 10, 2007
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