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a "cool" way of spelling the word "you" on msn/myspace. i dont know why the people who use it do so, but nevertheless it makes them look like total cunts.
Tom - hi :)
n00b - hey
Tom - you ok?
n00b - yeah thanks
n00b - yooh?
Tom - what a complete tosser.

~conversation ends~
by Tommmmmmmmmm May 28, 2007
A slang for the word "you".
Yooh = you. As in "Hey you, my grammar sucks".
by J* January 01, 2004
Yooh; A slang for the word "you".
most commonly used on msn or myspace
but also convenient for teeshirts
and msn email addresses.

it's back, okay?
phillis; hey yooh.
russel; well hey.
phillis; yooh is back.
russel; oh yooh betcha.
by yoohisback! November 08, 2009
you as in your own self
hey yooh what are yooh doing tonigh? wanna hang yooh silly yooh? ok thank yooh
by kwazy kewl keekers May 08, 2009
Shorthand for: You? Oh.
-You're dumb.
-Yo oh!
by King Diot June 03, 2005
the word soulja boy says in 'crank dat'
YOOH crank dat soulja boy
by marcuz October 23, 2007

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