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What was formerly protected land between Corona Del Mar and Laguna Beach is now home to housing tracks full of low quality mini mansions with essentially the same color scheme. This place is full of new money and people in debt up to their ears.

It is easy to spot a person from Newport Coast by the following typical signs:
1.Drives an H2 with 22" or larger rims.
2.Has a LEASED mercedes from fletcher jones.
3.Hollywood attitude with a compton bank account.
***There are some exceptions which include pro athletes etc. but these people still typically fit into the category of new money and still may exhibit number 1.
I can't believe I just spent 5 mill on a track home that looks just like my neighbors, but i just had to live in Newport Coast.
by Tom24 August 23, 2005
A destitue smog ridden hell hole in the Los Angeles metro area. It sonsists of a few exclusive areas such as San Marino, but mostly disgusting middle to lower class trash holes of communities. Some like its proximity to the hills, but if that is what you are looking for the following are more suitable places to live: The San Joaquin Hills in Orange County, Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Palos Verdes, anywhere.
I wish I lived in Orange County instead of the Valley so I didn't have all of this smog and dead brush around.

Oh god, its 100 frickin' degrees in the valley today.

Wow, the beach is really far from here, why do i have to live in the valley?
by Tom24 June 25, 2005
Orange County, CA is misunderstood by most of the public. North OC is the less refined area including such places as Santa Ana, Garden Grove, Stanton, Brea, Anaheim, Orange, and Yorba Linda. The minority population in this region of Orange County is greater than almost anywhere in the nation. Southern Coastal orange county is home to many CEO's, professional athletes, movie stars, and some good old fashioned oil money. Areas not included are newport coast (new money central) and inland south orange county (Coto de Caza, Mission Viejo, Santa Margarita-These are very average places to live, not nice like the coast)

Villa Park, Cowan Heights, Orange Park Acres, Copa de Oro, North Tustin, and Anaheim Hills are the reasonable decent places to live in north OC, but the average property value in all of these places is less than 1/3 of Newport Beach's 1.7 million. These places are all at least 30 minutes from the coast and 15 to 25 degrees hotter during the day than Newport Beach in the summer time. There is also a lot of smog and traffic in these areas, while south OC residents enjoy private toll roads with little traffic and almost no trace of smog near the coast. The average reported income me be higher for two reasons: a. There is a high rate of tax fraud in newport, b. there are many surf bums living on the peninsula sharing rentals who do not make very much money.

Most south OC residents consider North OC to be an extension of nearby riverside county.
Wow look at all of this smog and mexicans, are we in riveride? No, it's just Orange. Eeeew, north OC is dirty.
by Tom24 August 23, 2005
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