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A giant goat-blood sucking monster. It is sometimes called the Mexican bigfoot. He is slightly related to Vampires. It happens because of beastiality. dont let it happen to you!(if youre a vampire. like me.)

El Chupacabras are complete pimps. they kick ass.
Person 1: Holy shit look at that! El Chupacabra just banged four in a row! How is that possible!

Person 2: dude. He's a total pimp. c'mon.
by Tom the Ninja May 06, 2008
Ninja Coffee is a mix of the strongest coffee in the world, tar, pep pills, and Redbull. No one but ninjas can withstand it's awesome power.

with the exception of jesus. But that might be because jesus is also a ninja.
Ben: *Takes a sip of ninja coffee* uhhhh..... *dies*

Me: Ha. wimp *chugs three pots*
by Tom the Ninja April 30, 2008
When a girl with enormous tits and cleavage shoves your face in between her boobs so your face is stuck in the created "skin ditch".
Henry: dude! you just got skin ditched by Melissa!

Me: Waa...air...*gasp*...i....need...air...
by Tom the Ninja April 30, 2008
Very upright boobs; boobs that are practically pointing towards the sky.
Andrew: Woah! nice lemons gracie

Gracie: shut up you pervy transvestite
by Tom the Ninja April 30, 2008
When your walking down an isle in a movie theater and a fat guy shoves a dildo up your ass while your trying to get by him.
-aww damnit! i just got movie theatered again!

-i dont want to go down this isle. im afraid that fat guy's going to movie theater me.
by Tom the Ninja April 30, 2008
When thin, blonde, and russian, possibly the hottest thing on the face of the earth. But its ruined by people like Rosie Odonnel
Lesbians. im too lasy to rite one of these dumb example things
by Tom the Ninja May 03, 2009

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