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a) a psychotic, someone suffering from a from of psychosis
b) Alfred Hitchcock horror masterpeice psycho (1960) accredited with signifying the birth of the slasher movie
c)a psychobilly someone affiliated with psychobilly culture, fashion and music
a) he killed his mum, he must be a psycho
b) have you seen psycho, Norman Baites kills his mum
c) he killed his mum and has a flat top, he must be a psycho
by Tom Rowsell May 30, 2007
derogatory statement to describe someone of the jewish faith or of semetic heritage. also see Kyke heebshylock yid
that hook nose has stiffed us out of every penny we have, lets smear his house with ham
by Tom Rowsell May 30, 2007
a movement that originated in England during the 1980's. ex punks, teds, skinheads and scooterboys with flat top haircuts dyed bright colours playing very fast Rockabilly with a very English Garage Punk influence. The movement was very popular amongst scooterists and punk rockers. Nowadays it has become more associated with heavy metal and gothic influences and is popular around the world
Those psychobilly crazies have shat on my lawn again
by Tom Rowsell May 30, 2007
combination of flirtation and tension. Used to describe sexual tension generated by flirtation between two individuals. created by writer Tom Rowsell
The flirtension was building up bad enough to make my bollocks blue
by Tom Rowsell August 10, 2008
female fan of psychobilly music also known as billy birds. The term bettie is included with reference to the fashion sensibilities of glamour model Bettie page whose leopard skin clothes and straight black fringe have been adopted by female psychobilyl fans
i want to pick up a tasty little psychobettie at the gig tonight
by Tom Rowsell May 31, 2007
a style of dancing assoicated with psychobilly originated by fans of The Meteors in England known as the crazies who later became known also as the wrecking crew and the kattle. Wrecking involves audience members near the front of the venue near the stage formign a circle bending knees and swinging their arms at eachother in an effort to push others over or away from the center. wrecking frequently results in injury, however the dance is good spirited and a fun activity for all involved. In California this has developed into a punch pit in which audience members simply punch eachtoher in the torso
the wrecking were right mental tonight
by Tom Rowsell May 31, 2007
English phrase used to describe the state an individual or party of people are in when they have ingested a significant amount of any one or combination of intoxicating substances and have aspirations of engaging in sexual relations and/or violent conflict with other rindividuals
I am on the mad one sir
by Tom Rowsell May 30, 2007
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