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The downtown of the city of Chicago, Illinois.
Want to hang out in the loop this weekend?
by Tom Anderson October 18, 2004
The act of being over emotional, especially when referring to somebody into the emo lifestyle.
Eddy is emoing because I wouldn't go to Six Flags with him.
by Tom Anderson October 16, 2004
The quality of being attractive. Usually refers to somebody a male would like to have sex with.
That chick is totally bonerable.
by Tom Anderson October 18, 2004
The army you go to war with, not the Army you might want or wish to have. Justification for not adequately supplying your troops.
"You go to war with the Army you have, not the Army you might want or wish to have."
-Donald Rumsfeld Dec. 8 2004
by Tom Anderson December 09, 2004
Somebody who comes off as an idiot in their blog.
Your most recent blog entry makes you look like a blogiot.
by Tom Anderson October 19, 2004
Incapable to understand or simple.
You are too stupid to carry out your mission.
by Tom Anderson December 29, 2003
math teacher who enjoys p days.
There is only one shea.
by tom anderson June 12, 2003
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