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2 definitions by Tob-o-lard

|täb| o |lärd|

An extremely self-obsessed, unneccessarily aggressive, ignorant and obscenely arrogant fat ass who doesn't think they are such.
Get a clue Abby, if you don't quit gorging yourself and bitching about everything you'll turn into a Tob-o-lard.
by Tob-o-lard August 12, 2009
Tu-mor tits |ˈt(y)oōmər||tits|

1. Breast cancer or a name given to someone fearing they have breast cancer.

2. A woman with abnormally large fast growing breasts.
Turns out she has to have chemo to treat her tumor tits.

Woah, did you see Jordan the other day? She got some tumor tits since high school!
by Tob-o-lard August 12, 2009