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4 definitions by Toan

An old man who wears a pink polo shirt with a right front pocket with khaki pants and sandals. Smokes about every five minutes. Drives a AE86 Trueno(1988 Apex Corolla) or a Subaru WRX Type R.
Hey Bunta! Get two hands on the wheel! We're tackling a corner! I don't care if you need to smoke! We're going over 100 km/h. Aaahhhhhhhh.
by Toan October 20, 2003
A person who is well built physicaly, for example they have a fully sick body with 8% body fat, and is ripped to the max
"Toan from Broadmeadows is a TANK"
by toan December 11, 2003
Some sort of faggotry. See fgt.
16:23 <02El-Hefe-NFo> oh
16:23 <02El-Hefe-NFo> fgtry
16:24 <02El-Hefe-NFo> cause he's still hacking
by Toan June 10, 2003
Shit, Crap.
See Shit
Eww, you stepped in ferny
by Toan March 30, 2004