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The elitist mashup word describing Romney/Ryan campaign and their Tea Party values. Very white and elitist and hypocritical.
Your belittling of the minority voters in this country is very Romnaryan of you. You should observe diversity, a principle upon which our nation is founded
by Tlw3 October 13, 2012
noun : \'wü-'hü\

The Woohoo Dance is a comical dance a guy does for his partner while naked. The Woohoo Dance is performed by quickly twisting one's hips to and fro while shouting "Wooo Hooo" very loudly. The dance is performed properly when the penis effectively generates a loud slapping sound against the legs.
I was seriously pissed at Joe last night, but his Woohoo Dance brought me out of it as usual.
by TLW3 February 22, 2011
i.e. Corndoggin', Political Cornography

Photos taken in August of 2011 showing Michele and Marcus Bachmann eating corn dogs at the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines have quickly redefined this term.
One picture explains "cornography" perfectly:

by tlw3 August 14, 2011
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