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9 definitions by Tizzy

person you buy your dope from
I don't have any....let me call my connection...
by tizzy October 07, 2003
58 26
To get drunk, wasted, fucked up.
I got so polaxed last night.

Lets get Polaxed!
by Tizzy October 25, 2005
36 14
Women's boots that are usually knee-high and patent leather, or any similar super-slutty style boots. worn to purposely look slutty or easy.
"I'm wearing my comefuckme boots out to the club tonight and I bet I can pull every man I see!"
by tizzy October 07, 2003
26 15
to spin a phat beat
you dj drop me something by eminem
by tizzy April 15, 2003
58 47
To insert one's finger into a girls vagina.
I am so going to stick finger her tonight!

Can I stick finger you?
by Tizzy October 25, 2005
18 17
describing something as being serious
yo you really got an ounce on you fer sar?
by tizzy April 23, 2003
0 0
being extremely intoxicated from alcohol beverages
one more drink and i will be busted.
by tizzy April 15, 2003
7 9