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An old tymey code-phrase that one states before leaving to expel digestive gas. In other words, an excuse to tell your friends when you need to go find somewhere to fart.
Ms. Cromwell's three bean casserole was absolutely delicious, but the moment i felt a spell of flatulence coming on, I told her I was going to take a walk so as not to offend her delicate senses.
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by Timstuff August 04, 2009
It's a new technology, part of the so-called "The Internet of Things" that is currently in development by several labs and companies around the world. It's a small magnetized chip with an antenna, which can be read by a magnetic scanner.

While diluted conspiracy moonbats think that the chips are used to track people's wherabouts by satellite, this idea falls apart for one very simple reason: the chips do not have batteries. It would take a massive antenna on each chip and a powerful battery (we're talking satellite phone sized, here) to actually broadcast a signal that would be readable from space, so that completely negates the idea that they can be injected into a person's body and used to track their every move.

RFID technology is nothing new, either. I was at a Laser Tag arena 10 years ago where they used a very similar system to keep track of the scores in a player's gun, using magnetic signals to transfer a player's ID signal from the gun to the computer at the desk and vise-versa.

It is true that we do need some federal regulations about what RFID can be used for. Some things make sense, like using them to replace bar codes on consumer products. Other applications are somewhat questionable, like putting them inside of passports which could potentially be scanned by a terrorist or identity thief using a stolen scanner. However, the idea of tracking people is ridiculously impractical, since you'd need to have scanners every couple of feet to do it effectivly, since the chips as so short range.

So basically, while it's unwise to stick things in your body that don't belong there, the idea the government will require everyone to be electronically monitored 24/7 is absolutely ridiculous. And besides the technological complications, there is no provision in the U.S. constitution that would allow for it.
Illuminati moonbat: OMG! Amerika and the Jews are going to use RFID to track every person's activities and control your mind! I took apart my new passport and destroyed the chip so now I'm free from the NWO's mind control YIPEE!!!

Sane person: If you're so anti-technology, then why are you on a computer? If you never leave your computer desk, and someone tracks your online activity, then you're already having your every move watched.
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by Timstuff August 13, 2008
Another word for loitering, so named because staying in one place for an extended time with no obvious legitimate reason is often accompanied by leaning on a wall or other sturdy structure.
Me and my friends were leaning outside the 7-Eleven, but after 15 minutes we spotted a squad car rolling up and knew it was time to get out of there.
#loitering #chilling #hanging #7-eleven #liquor store #wal-mart #loiter #camping #loafing #lollygagging
by Timstuff August 31, 2009
Drugs Are Retarded Expiriments

Downvote away, druggies! You'll never be as smart or have as much money or fun as me, because I don't do drugs. HAHAH!
Stupid Druggy: Oh man, I can't stand how people say pot make you stupid! I'm going to go on Urban Dictionary and write a bunch of BS definitions for D.A.R.E. and the War on Drugs!

Sober person: Fine. Enjoy your drugs and completely fruitless lifestyle surfing the web from your mom's basement. I'm going to go back to school where I've been getting A's all week.
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by Timstuff April 06, 2008
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