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An alternative to bootlegging for people who are too cheap to legitimately obtain entertainment. Rather than illegally download entertainment or buy a pirated copies from Chinatown, the typical lootbegger seeks out legitimate merchandise owned by their friends, and begs them to let him / her borrow it.
John: Hey, can I borrow Madden?

Hank: I'm not done playing it.

John: Pretty please? You've been at it for like a month!

Hank: Jeez man, have you ever actually bought something, or are you planning on lootbegging for the rest of your life?
by Timstuff October 21, 2008
When a guy sees or hears of another man taking significant damage to the crotch, and crosses his legs because the mere thought of such pain makes his genitals feel either vulnerable or uncomfortable.
We were watching a horror movie, and when the killer took out a pair of plyers and went for the guy's crotch, every male in the room crossed his legs. We were all feeling sympathy pain for the guy.
by Timstuff June 10, 2010
In 1337 speech, it's used in conjunction with a variety of words to make the word sound "1337." For example: "hackers" becomes "haxx0rz." "Sex" becomes "sexx0rs." Etc.
ZOMG dude, I was playing Counterstrike the other night and then the host turned on teh haxx0rz and started to kilxx0rz everyone!
by Timstuff October 30, 2007
Dance Dance Revolution Under the Influence of drugs or alcohol. Might improve your scores, but very dangerous.
Fred: "Dude, I'm so wasted, but look at my DDR score!"

*Fred slips and falls on his ass*

Bob: "Sorry Fred, but I'm going to have to write you up for DDRUI."

*Bob turns off the PS2*
by Timstuff June 13, 2009
The popular practice in Hollywood (and sometimes, in Asian cinema) of using rapid-fire editing to compensate for sloppy fight choreography or actors who are poor martial artists. The key signs of edit-fu are frequent shot changes in between moves (and sometimes during them, if it's really bad) and is sometimes accompanied by a close-up, shaky camera do further prevent the audience from actually looking at the fight.
Person 1: Hey did you see that martial arts movie starring that underwear model who was fighting all the ninjas?

Person 2: Yeah, and it sucked. The story was lame, no-one could act, and not even the fights were any good because they used so much edit-fu.
by Timstuff June 12, 2010
Someone who insists on keeping the air conditioner turned on, even in the middle of October. They love keeping their dwelling place noticeably colder than the air outside, even on an already cool day. Known to cause great frustration to room mates who are much more comfortable with normal temperatures.
Bob: Jeez, why do we have to wear sweaters in here!? It's 76 degrees outside!
Fred: Sorry, Jordan is a bit of a polar bear.
by Timstuff October 10, 2009
The first and second initials of our 42nd president, Bill Jefferson Clinton.
In other news, former president BJ Clinton has been accused of soliciting another intern for sexual favors.
by Timstuff March 11, 2008
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