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4 definitions by Timmybung

The kind of relationship a man has with a woman where he’s perpetually in the friend zone and is there as a supportive shoulder to cry on and to always help out with everything, yet reaps none of the benefits of being in an actual relationship (i.e. affection or sex).
He's way into that girl but totally got sucked into a Joemance.
by Timmybung August 26, 2009
Smugtonium is a potentially explosive material that is present when one person regularly has an obscenely smug smile, inciting the other person to explode in violence.
That smug bastard had that smug little smile of his- it was like smugtonium to me and I couldn't help but explode and hammer that f*cker!
by Timmybung December 17, 2009
The swear words present in any given persons vocabulary.
While she was yelling at me I must have heard the word "asshole" five times- she really needs to work on improving her swearcabulary.
by Timmybung December 22, 2009
When an MP3 player (or iPod) is set on "Shuffle" and keeps picking just the right songs in a row. Etymolog- Shuffle + Fortuitous
My iPod is having such a shufflituitous day, I'm loving it!
by Timmybung November 19, 2009