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The awkward fumbling after greeting who is usually a distant relative. Neither party is sure whether to hug or shake hands, and so the dance begins, wherein both parties seem to do a sped-up version of the robot, first extending an open hand, then switching to open arms, with the other party doing the opposite.
Usually, this occurs with an in-law, but in some cases a drunkle is involved.
This always results in awkwardness, embarrassment, and comedy.
Mack: Did you see my hugshake with Mel?
Jake: Oh fuck, that was more awkward than Sarah Palin trying to answer a question about foreign policy.
Mack: ...so you're trying topical humour, eh? Palin, really?
Jake: Piss off, Mack.
by Timbo_Slice October 22, 2008
Money saved up for services provided by an escort/prostitute.
Bill: How was your weekend with Candi?
Ted: Oh man, she totally wiped out my sexpense account.
Bill: Yea but, was it worth it?
Ted: Do I only have one testicle? HECK YES IT WAS!
Bill: ...you-...huh?
by Timbo_Slice June 18, 2008
Fuck Me It's Friday - An expression and acronym that became popular only after the release of the Rebecca Black single, "Friday". The speaker is already aware of the onslaught of references to the aforementioned song they will hear over the course of the day.
Rabbi Kablack: Ugh, FMIF.
Rab Akablak: Yeah, well at least tomorrow is Saturday.
Rebecca Black: And Sunday, comes afterwerrrrrrrrrds.
by Timbo_Slice April 02, 2011

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