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355 definitions by Tim

while having sex in the "doggy style" position, you then take one of your index fingers and stick in your partners anus and then hook the corner of their lip with the same finger.
My Girlfriend got mad when I gave her the rusty fish hook.
by Tim November 15, 2003
550 235
One of the fastest American distance runners, tragically died at the age of 25 in 1975. He was sure to be a favorite at the 1976 Olympic games.
Prefontaine is my hero.
by Tim September 30, 2003
328 32
the best out there; number one
My killa mix lit up the joint last night at the club
by Tim September 28, 2004
374 112
Breakdown for Adnan is:
Ad = Heaven(short for Eden)
Nan = used as 'plural of' in Arabic

Therefore Adnan means "Heavens".
There are 7 'Adnans' in the sky.
by Tim December 17, 2003
335 91
1. To bail out of something at the last minute

2. To break a contract, verbal or written

3. To lie about a previously made agreement
Miguel: Hey uhh I'll met you up at 7 pm at the walmart cool?
You: yeah sure NP


you: ....

you: .....


you: zzzz
Miguel: oh uhh yeah i cant make it
you: you flaking asshole
by TIm January 06, 2007
248 44
British slang term to describe something pleasing.
"that girl is fucking lush"
by Tim March 18, 2005
801 607
rolling on the floor laughing my fucking ass off

usually used in internet interaction, when someone says something funny.
Person 1:
I don't have to spellcheck eevrything

Person 2:
by tim December 29, 2002
292 99