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A short woman with an endowed chest region.
"Really, man? You can see her feet in her driver's license photo!"
"Yeah, but she's a short stack."
by Tiggums August 24, 2008
A lot of fucking. Or an atmosphere that's conducive to a lot of fucking.
"How was the party last night?"
"Oh, man, fornicopia."
by tiggums August 24, 2008
Someone who's absolutely beautiful, but a total slut/manwhore. Irresistable, and possibly infectious.
"Oh, god, look at her!"
"I know her--slept with Cincinatti."
"Maybe, but man... S.T.D.licious"
by Tiggums August 24, 2008
Age wrinkles around a bro's eyes, due to excessive exposure to sun.
Woman on beach #1: "Oh, that guy's cute."
Woman on beach #2: "Yeah, but check the eyes. Total bro's feet."
by tiggums August 24, 2008
When a woman's boobs get bigger as she does.

"Man, she's gotten big."
"Yeah, and she didn't even get the fattributes to go with it."
by Tiggums August 24, 2008
A party with a lot of people dancing with glo-sticks. A party that reminds you of ecstasy, and the '90s on ecstasy.
"How was that trance party last night."
"Everyone was rollin'. Total Glo-lympics."

by Tiggums August 24, 2008

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