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One of seven PDP fall 03 fuckers. mad gay.
omg. dan is such a gay zeta!
by tigger December 25, 2004
someone who is always negative and never
is happy
Why are you being such a grumpass?
by tigger August 10, 2003
when buyin a green weed and only gettin 2 zoots wen u should b able 2 make 3
shit man got me a 2 zoot harry
by tigger April 15, 2005
Pound of maryjane...from elbow that derives from LB.
I just dropped off a couple of 'bows, and got paid, biatch!
by tigger February 25, 2005
someone who loves her pooh bear a lot!
Tigger loves Pooh Bear with ALL of her heart!
by Tigger April 19, 2004
some 1 who likes 2 buy fake shit and wear it of as real shit
she/he tinks der heavy wid there folex
by tigger April 16, 2005
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