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3 definitions by Tigerdave

Man who regularly vacuum pumps his penis, enlarging it for display or pleasure.
He was so thick, he must have been a cockpumper - aieeya!

He's either horse-hung or a cockpumper.
by Tigerdave September 11, 2008
A man who regularly vacuum pumps his scrotum to enlarge the nads and the sac. Ballpumpers are usually also cockpumpers.
Look at the bulge in that guy's jeans! He must be a ballpumper.

That old guy is either a ballpumper or his ticker's not up to the task of clearing edema.
by Tigerdave September 11, 2008
The masculine practice of enlarging the nads and ballsac, using negative air pressure to force more blood and lymphatic fluids to flow into the scrotum. Practitioners, called ballpumpers, wear a jar or specially designed cylinder over the genitalia and withdraw some of the air using a pump, thus "pumping" up their basket.
I had a great ballpumping session last night - got to 16" around! Barely fit into my jeans this morning!
by tigerdave October 02, 2009