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A sexual position in which the girl is seated in front of the guy, with her back to him (preferably at a slightly higher height). Her legs are spread up and out to the side in a "V". With his right hand, he tickles the clit and with his left hand, he plays with the ever-important left boob (which is clearly the better of the boobs). The action thus mimmicks the way in which one would play a cello.
Stosh: I heard RyHakins was playing the cello on Catherine last week.
Zack: Really? Where'd he learn to do that?
Stosh: From Rob Becker I'd imagine.
by Tiger Baseball December 13, 2006
A tasty beverage composed of a mixture of Kentucky Deluxe and Dr. Pepper. Popular with hood rats and members of Tiger Baseball.
Teddy: That tastes like whiskey. What is it?
Bobby: A chinchilla.
by Tiger Baseball December 11, 2006
A celebration marking the completion of a night of fornication and/or other sexual activities. Preferably occuring between two people who have just met and always celebrated the morning after.
Jordan: Happy Anniversary Zach.
Stosh: Who was Zach with last night?
Jordan: Dirt Wilson.
by Tiger Baseball December 08, 2006
An expression meaning "dick." It can be used to refer to a specific person or when talking about the penis. The syllables are usually elongated in pronunciation (ex. tooolllaaaa)
Example A: Jordan, you're such a tola!

Example B: Dirt Wilson can really suck a tola!
by Tiger Baseball December 11, 2006

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