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Masticate means to eat something. Sounds a lot like mastrubate. Put MASTICATE and WENIS in a sentence together, and it sounds wondermous.
"Do you masticate with your wenis on the table?"
by Tierney September 18, 2007
The BEST FUCKIN state EVER. If you think its just filled with stupid hicks, well FUCK THE FUCK OUTTA YOU. We live off sweet tea, mountain dew, beer, air, and havin a good time, and we're PROUD of it, but we know how to get down to it and make a livin. Hard workin people that know how to have a good ass time when the sun goes down. I'm talkin about TRUE Georgians, NOT just pricks that live here. There's a difference, and when you see em, you know.
You: "You fuckin hick, suck my balls!"
Me: "You goddamn Yankee, I live in Georgia with a bunch of rednecks, I'm their little girl. They'll shoot yer ass in a SECOND!"
*bout 15 Chevys pull up with my cousins in the bed of em, shotguns aimed.*
Cousins: "WOOOOOOO!!!1!"
by Tierney September 16, 2007

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