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4 definitions by Tiefling

Online gaming/chat term. Used to express acknowledgment.
KneeOh123: I'll be back in five minutes.
MoreFeeuz: kk
by Tiefling November 15, 2004
1149 626
"Cry more, newbie." Used in derision.
"CC is overpowered!"

"QQ more noob"
by Tiefling May 28, 2004
322 91
slang for Cannabis.
WTF? Have you been smoking the cheebah again?
by Tiefling May 03, 2005
44 9
Fuck the fucking fuckers. An expression of absolute disgust.
Wife: "The neighbors called and would like us to stop using weed killer because it's bad for the environment."
Husband: "FTFF!"
by Tiefling April 21, 2005
53 116