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2 definitions by Thumbtak

1. Extremely large or gigantic; 2. Unattractive or mannish; 3. A huge being
1. "Godzilla is so ginormabola in this bootleg Japanese DVD." 2. "Do you see what a ginormabola that biker chick was?!" 3. "Compared to you, that whore looks like a ginormabola."
by Thumbtak July 09, 2009
1.Meaning excessively cute; 2. An exclamation; 3. To show anger or frustration; 4. Overall awkward silence breaker
1. "Maaa at this picture!" 2. "Maaa! That chick is a psycopath!" 3. "Maaa! You hung up on me!" 4. Girl: "I love you." Boy: "Maaa."
by Thumbtak July 09, 2009