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1. (adj.) Something small that has the characteristics of something much bigger.

2. (adj.) Advertising Bullshit.
1. That car is bigsmall.

2. Next you'll be telling us that "bigsmall" isn't just a load of crap made up to convince us that a product is something it isn't.
by Thos April 06, 2006
1. (n) A particularly large and weighty cock. See also Spam Javelin for a slimline version.

2. (n) A person who acts like 1.
1. He wrenched her womb asunder with his mighty Spam Hammer.

2. Dear god man, why must you go about things like such an utter Spam Hammer.
by Thos February 10, 2005
1. (n.) Sperm

2. (v.) to Sperm

3. (v.) to fuck up
1. I find bounty to be the only truly effective method of absorbing my spaff.

2. Oh my god, I'm so sorry but I've spaffed in your otherwise delicious macaroni cheese.

3. You've proper spaffed that up. Boyo.
by Thos October 02, 2004

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