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Slang for an uncircumcised penis derived by the action of pulling back the foreskin literally before intercourse, urination, or docking.
Matt: "Hey YOU come here, are you circumcised?"

Thomas: "Nah"

Matt: "Sick dude, you have a fricken pullback"
by Thomas Wu July 19, 2006
Long and Floppy in reference to a redundent foreskin, but in many cases it becomes synonymous with asking if someone is circumcised or not.
Matt: "Do you have a LAF?"

Thomas: "What? Do I laugh?"

Matt: "No I mean do you have a LAF on your penis?"

Thomas: *pause* "Sigh, why does everyone know I have a redundent foreskin?"

Matt: "Don't sweat it babe, I'll make it up to you tonight =)"

by Thomas Wu July 19, 2006

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