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The awkward shuffling and lunging that happens when one attempts to walk accross the path of a slow-moving car (usually in a parking lot). The pedestrian, in an act of benevolence, signals for the car to keep going, only to be waved on by the driver. Both the driver and the pedestrian then wave to thank the other, both thinking that it is there turn to go. Both go, only to realize the other is moving as well. What follows is a series of false starts by both parties. The driver's actions are similar to those involved in "yoking the whip", yet are in a completely different context and have a completely different rationale.
Where were you? I thought you were right behind us...

-Yo, I was about to follow you guys into Taco Bell but this fool coming out of the drive through had me doing the "California Shuffle" for like 5 minutes straight.
by Thisisjohnsmith April 03, 2007
n. (LAY-tred): Latred is exhibited by someone with very little tolerance for tardiness. Latred can be verbalized or it can be given by a nonverbal cue such as turning around in one's chair in an exaggerated fashion to glare at the person who is late (often causing more disruption than the tardy person). Most often, high school teachers, elitist students, coworkers, and bailiffs are guilty of latred.

Latred is a form of straightred
I was late to the lecture and when I walked in, half of the people in the room turned around to stare at me...you could cut the latred with a knife...
by Thisisjohnsmith April 03, 2007
n: (skAY-tred): to hate on someone who skates. Often, skatred is exhibited by mall security guards, residents of suburbs, teachers, and jealous girlfriends. Skatred is a form of straightred.
Girl:, Hey Boman, why do you have to skate all the time?
Boman: Because I like it.
Girl: I think it's stupid...
Boman: Why you gotta hate on me because I skate? That's skatred right there.
by Thisisjohnsmith April 03, 2007
n.: A contraction of the words "straight hatred". Straightred is often exhibited by a hater. Straightred is characterized by unfettered and blatant haterism with no attempts to be cordial or to sugar coat; hating on something with no other provokation other than to exude hate and negative energy.
"Yo, why you gotta hate on my day-glo green shoelaces dawg? That's straightred...you know they're hot"
by Thisisjohnsmith April 03, 2007

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