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Intense, seething hatred for straight people, especially straight males. This is characterized by housing discrimination and fantasies related to the eroticism of straight male degradation. This view is often held by people of Gay Culture who feel <b>disdain</b> towards the heterosexual male and his dominating tendencies.
" I just felt such straightred in that boutique with Melanie."

" Sky held straightred for Nick because of Nick's aggressive domination in household matters."

"I have such straightred for this place, it's as though everyone is waiting to be fertilized."
by Zeke Bobby October 31, 2007
n.: A contraction of the words "straight hatred". Straightred is often exhibited by a hater. Straightred is characterized by unfettered and blatant haterism with no attempts to be cordial or to sugar coat; hating on something with no other provokation other than to exude hate and negative energy.
"Yo, why you gotta hate on my day-glo green shoelaces dawg? That's know they're hot"
by Thisisjohnsmith April 03, 2007

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