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A form of stealing made to sound good by the fact that a "majority" voted.
Paul didn't want to give up any more of his hard earned money but since Peter belonged to the majority he was able to get taxes raised.
by Think October 12, 2004
To really screw up one's life by making bad choices often accompanied by substance abuse.
"Dude, if you don't stop doing crack you're going to crash and burn."
by Think October 12, 2004
Someone that can produce healing to the body through means not readily available to modern medicine.

John Kerry if elected.
"If John Kerry is elected" said John Edwards at a campaign stop, "then the lame will walk." I guess that means the latest campaign promise is that Kerry will become a healer if elected.
by Think October 12, 2004
Dating with the expressed purpose of getting married quickly or in the near future.
The last time I was wife shopping I got a little out of control and thus the recent divorce.
by Think October 12, 2004
Not only should you get in line, but the line is long.
I asked that pretty girl if we could have coffee sometime and she just rolled her eyes and said "take a number".
by Think October 12, 2004
Something really cool, but often times used sarcastically. From a certain model of Chevy truck.
Back from the mall Susie showed me her latest purse, it had fourteen pockets, zippers, velcro and a secret compartment, I was hungry so all I could say was "wow, now that's custom deluxe." Needless to say, I went to lunch alone.
by Think October 12, 2004
Bush is concerned about maniacs who build bombs,hi-jack planes and behead people for fun.

Democrats are concerned about PETA and weirdos who do naked yoga in the street!
I want to be free to not be blowd-up or beheaded.
by think October 28, 2004

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