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21 definitions by Theory's Apprentice

A great civil rights leader who has been honored by having a day that nobody remembers and a street in the ghetto that is very dangerous.
Friend: Yo, guess what I learned about Martin Luther King today!
Ignant Nigguh: Who dat?
by Theory's Apprentice July 02, 2006
A combination of the words fuck and bitch that when put together make something that is PURE EVIL!!!!
Fuck you man, fuck you! You know the fuck what, you're a FUCKING BITCH!!
by Theory's Apprentice July 02, 2006
A glorious day that is celebrated by sledding, having snowball fights, and building snow tunnels.
I had a snow day once, it was awesome..............
by Theory's Apprentice July 05, 2006
A man with brown skin and dick much larger than yours.
I saw a black guy in a porno and he made me feel soooooo small.
by Theory's apprentice June 27, 2006
I just want to note that all the negative definitions about Star Wars on this site all have a lot more "thumbs down" than "thumbs up," while all the definitions that hold Star Wars in a positive manor have a lot more "thumbs up" than "thumbs down."

Let me explain why this is so.
Star Wars is THE GREATEST series of movies to ever exist. It beautifully combines all the genres of film that exist. The only flaw with the series is that George Lucas has finished the series which means Star Wars is pretty much over and we won't be able to see any more new movies.
Star Wars fucking RULES!!!!
by Theory's Apprentice July 02, 2006
A tunnel that is made through a pile of snow which accumulates when people pile up snow in one place that they removed from the street.
Yea I made a snow tunnel once. It was ten feet, nine inches long and it was so high and wide that my two friends and I could all fit into it...AWWWW YEAAAA!!!
by Theory's Apprentice July 02, 2006
He love carpet.
He love desk.
He love lamp.

If you dont get that joke then go see Anchorman and then after that go see the 40 Year Old Virgin and then after that start watching The Office.
I like watching Steve Carell waxing his chest hair off.
by Theory's apprentice June 30, 2006