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Succeeding in doing something which would be extremely cool, but in fact doesn't work, which fact should be obvious.
"Imprint Time Walk on Isochron Scepter. Good game?"
"See, I get all the rest of the turns..."
"You win the prize. Good job."
by Hukuma Xpyweb September 04, 2004
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The act of obtaining the correct answer to a task, only to be rewarded with nothing.
Stu: Yo so I took the mackin' to this Catholic bitch, ne?

John: Seen, ese.

Stu: And I give her da trinkets and shit, but no goosie.

John: LOL! Vato... YOU WIN THE PRIZE!!!

Stu: ....

John: NO PRIZE!!!!

*slams hand down VERY forcefully on desk*
by Theeph June 02, 2003
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Relevant only during the Year of the Cormorant The act of not in fact winning a prize, or indeed any form of reward.
"You think that's funny huh? Well this is the Year of the Cormorant! Do you realise that?"
"Yes sir"
*suppressed laughter*
by Apotheosis June 01, 2003
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