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A form of high functioning autism. While the disorder itself isn't fake, there are unfortunately a lot of fat internet losers out there who diagnose themselves with the disease in an effort to excuse their social ineptitude, sort of like the way ADHD is falsely diagnosed in bratty kids who just dont like paying attention in school. Actual sufferers of the disease will have some trouble functioning in social situations, but they won't go around yelling "SHUT UP IT'S ASPERGERS'S FAULT" every time you tell them that they're annoying and nobody likes them.
Sam has asperger's. He has trouble making eye contact, has trouble with motor skills, and shows some obsessive-compulsive behavior.

Danny is a fat social cripple who read on the internet that people with asperger's have trouble talking to others, and immediately diagnosed himself with it. He now uses it as an excuse for his inability to talk to girls.
by TheWalrus October 24, 2007
A free online open-source encyclopedia that unfortunately falls prey to the pseudo-intellectual pimply obese 12 year olds who so often become moderators on internet forums. While the idea of everyone in the world compiling their knowledge into one source is pretty good, the fact that anybody can edit anything and that what classifies as a "neutral point of view" is decided by opinionated teenagers prevents Wikipedia from being a legitimate encyclopedia and maintains its role as a dumping ground for useless anime trivia and pointless facts about final fantasy characters. While it shouldn't be hard to touch up and change the more opinionated and useless articles, "Wikipedians" would much rather debate the most pointless and trivial details of whatever the situation is than actually fix anything.
My teacher wouldn't let me use Wikipedia because she said it didn't count as a real encyclopedia.
by TheWalrus December 22, 2007
Term used to describe someone who hasn't had sex, sometimes somebody who hasn't had a penis all the way in their vagina will continue to call themselves a virgin regardless of what other things they've done
Laurie says shes a virgin even though she's sucked off hundreds of guys and done anal almost as many times because she hasn't actually had a penis in her vagina
by TheWalrus September 19, 2007
Old cartoon character, actualy got his start in silent shorts back in 1919 and was in a bunch of weird trippy cartoons in the 20s. Stuff with him in it has been produced on and off for a while
Felix the cat was awesome till they tried to make him into another mickey mouse in the mid 30s
by TheWalrus September 16, 2007
A person who drinks blood. In modern times used to either describe
1) a fantasy creature
2) a person who's kind of like a furry, only won't admit that they aren't really what they pretend to be.

In the second case, it's basically a stupid overweight or underweight teenager who blames the fact that they have no friends and can't communicate with another human being on even the most basic of levels on the imagined fact that they aren't human. They go on internet forums and talk about their "awakening" (which is a fancy way of describing the time that they decided to give themselves a name they picked out of a D&D book and start pretending to be a vampire) and talking about how they fed off the emotions of all the people who made fun of them. In some cases they actually drink blood (read: lick their fingers when they get a paper cut) but most of the time they'll opt to pretend to be a "psi" vampire or some such idiocy where they'll claim to feed off of emotions. Sure, there are actual "vampires" who actually drink a lot of blood, but that's because they're either crazy or have some kind of fetish for it, not because they belong to some other race.
Dom claims to be a vampire. He walks around wearing a cape and hissing at people, and if you actually try to talk with him he'll just ineptly stutter about how he's going to curse or feed on you or something.
by TheWalrus October 28, 2007
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