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To be one-up'd. Often used to describe a verbal, nonchallant, "one-up"ing of someone when telling an impressive story and therefore stealing their thunder.
Guy talking to his friends: "I fought two guys at once yesterday and won!"
Another Guy: "Man, that's cool. Kinda like when I fought that grizzly bear with my bare hands. And won."
Guy talking to his friends: ....
by thestrider777 February 21, 2011
A word to describe something that is old school. Commonly used when something old school has intrigued the Muse, and must be described.
I have The Princess Bride on VHS! Yay for oldschoolness!
by TheStrider777 May 02, 2010
A way of expressing frustration. It is two levels above the intensity of "darn".

When darn is not enough, it evolves into darnst, and then into darnstkies.
Strider: The editors have not yet approved my entry.

Musey: Darnstkies!
by TheStrider777 May 02, 2010
Like schadenfreude, except instead of pain, dumbassenfreude is the enjoyment one gets from witnessing the stupidity of others. This effect is why people enjoy watching shows such as Jersey Shore.
Person 1: Is your wife still watching those bad reality shows?

Person 2: Yeah.

Person 1: Why would you want to watch something so stupid?

Person 2: It's probably the dumbassenfreude.
by thestrider777 August 08, 2011
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