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A longplay is a play-through of a video game, created with the intent of completing it as fully as possible, mainly for the purposes of nostalgia. Unlike speedruns, there is no time constraint.
That longplay of Contra by TheOv3rminD is awesome, he didn't die once!
by TheOv3rminD November 03, 2014
To have the cal put on ones self - Or to put the cal on another

synonymous with 0wned, pwned, raped and n00bed.

Used in situations of failure esp. epic failure.

From the viral peoples court video.
1. I Just got moustached all night in CSS.

2. Oh man i lost 80 dollars on the lotto. yeah you got moustached man.

3. Damn i got moustached all day at work.
by TheOv3rminD April 24, 2008
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