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Really yummy food that is incredibly nang.
The person eating the delicious food may say "om nom nom" as they eat to show how much they are enjoying it.
"Om nom nom, that food was nomtastic!"
"Oh wow Becky! Your cakes were nomtastic!"
"Becky always makes nomtastic food"
by TheMasterWarriorSheep April 07, 2009
A nickname for a person with the name Rajesh who is also magical or a magical part of your life.
He can also be called "Magical Rajical".
"Heya Rajical! How are you?"
"Look here comes Magical Rajical"
by TheMasterWarriorSheep April 07, 2009
An internet connection that is being lame.
"Wat a lamternet!"
"Oh my god! this connection is lameternet!"
by TheMasterWarriorSheep April 12, 2009
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