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4 definitions by TheForkinator

Code 10 is an intense dense amount of awesome in a small area also known as defranco fever.
"Damn sxephils here! Code 10!"
by TheForkinator December 26, 2008
To fuck a bitch without caring about her.
The opposite of slaying hole would be making love.
Example 1

Rob : "you see that bitch?"
Phil: "yeah shes fucking hot"
Rob : "I slayed that hole last night bro"
Phil: "wow"

Example 2

Bob : "omg I wanna slay hole right now."

Example 3

Tyrone : "Ay shawty let me slay that!"
Laquisha : "In yo dreams"
by TheForkinator December 22, 2008
An expression for men for how cold it is. This is by far the coldest it gets for a man.
Phil : "Dude it's balls inside me cold today."

Rob : "amen."
by TheForkinator December 22, 2008
A person who attacks a person or object with at least 1 fork.
Phil : "wtf faggot stop stabbing me with a fork"
Bob : "Owned!"
Phil : "fuck you forkinator"
by TheForkinator December 22, 2008