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To fuck a bitch without caring about her.
The opposite of slaying hole would be making love.
Example 1

Rob : "you see that bitch?"
Phil: "yeah shes fucking hot"
Rob : "I slayed that hole last night bro"
Phil: "wow"

Example 2

Bob : "omg I wanna slay hole right now."

Example 3

Tyrone : "Ay shawty let me slay that!"
Laquisha : "In yo dreams"
by TheForkinator December 22, 2008
Code 10 is an intense dense amount of awesome in a small area also known as defranco fever.
"Damn sxephils here! Code 10!"
by TheForkinator December 26, 2008
An expression for men for how cold it is. This is by far the coldest it gets for a man.
Phil : "Dude it's balls inside me cold today."

Rob : "amen."
by TheForkinator December 22, 2008
A person who attacks a person or object with at least 1 fork.
Phil : "wtf faggot stop stabbing me with a fork"
Bob : "Owned!"
Phil : "fuck you forkinator"
by TheForkinator December 22, 2008
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