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A photo, usually a model or celeb, with makeup and photoshopped so bad it looks like a plastic. Like, skin with no pores, someone else's nose, all-new boobs, 20-inch waist, etc. Most published pics are like this. Unhappily, lots of people think that person really exists and wish they looked like them.
That pic of Lady Gaga is so crazy photosucked she looks like a cartoon.
#phobar #photoshopped #disaster #fake #phony #body image #advertainment
by TheCurmudgeon December 13, 2010
Like humping—gay or straight—but sex with an especially thick penis or "log," with a girth well above the 5.5" average.
His log was as thick as her wrist and stuffed her hole tight when she was stumping him.

Him stumping me in the ass with that monster cock left me so sore I couldn't sit down for a week.
#cock #humping #fucking #sex #hung
by TheCurmudgeon July 02, 2012
Same as fluffer; person on porn movie set whose job it is to keep male cast erect by providing oral sex.
The plater wasn't good enough at her oral craft to keep Sir Fuxalot hard enough for his next scene.
#fluffer #oral #porn #erection #sex #fellatio #blowjob
by TheCurmudgeon October 29, 2011
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